u ever see a person u follow talkin weird n reckless at like 3am and you just mentally like “…log ya drunk ass off we know you drunk go to sleep”

Anonymous asked:
Mami and Papi are basically Mommy and Daddy in Spanish so it's not only fetisizes the Spanish language but adds a whole other level of "weird as fuck" to the mix

ohhhhh okay!! thank you!!

blackfemalepresident asked:
first question: why wont you let us live? second question: having sex with jongup for the first time, what you think he gonna be like?
deenadolly replied:

to answer the first question:

-i’m not about that ‘letting yall live’ life. 

and as for the second question:

-…that’s a tough one. One minute, Jongup has the sweetest smile on his face and I can’t help but see him as this sweet and cute innocent 19/20 year old but then…the motherfucker narrows his eyes and presses his lips together to accentuate his beastly features and I can only conclude that he wouldn’t just cater to your body. He’d claim you. 

He’d use his fingers to rub you like he’s getting your body acquainted with its new caretaker, he’d watch your facial expressions and listen to your breathing. Jongup is a dancer and we’ve SEEN how fluid he can be…how he can control his own body. He’d do the same thing with yours.

And last but certainly not least, I think Jongup is a kisser. While he’s inside he’d keep his mouth on yours so he can swallow your moans…all of them.

Okay I’m stopping here cause I could go on all night.

(tear slowly rolls down cheek)

im… im goin to bed

  #yall.....



if ur not latinx i don’t give a shit what race u are but if u are not don’t u fcking daaaare call a latinx person mami/papi to be flirty it’s fucking disgusting

and dont you dare ask us to call you “papi” or “mami” unless you want to get punched